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Island Inspiration All-stars

The Island Inspiration All-Stars is a collective of inspired Artisans and dancers Ranging in age from fifteen to fifty-nine years old Who come together from various walks of life. With African dance as our base, bipedal movement is re-explored and cross-pollinated with Eurocentric dance forms in addition to those of the Americas with the concept that "We move as one people."

Upcoming Events

The Roasted Nut is a phenomenal display of dancing which takes place in the Clockwork Castle Doll House. The party begins when a stately Nobleman comes to reset the clock for the season. As he does this, the mechanical Handyman and his Dolls suddenly spring to life sparking a joyous, Holiday spirited celebration amongst the castle inhabitants. Merriment abounds as the Doll Leigh arrives to the delight of the children, but time is short if the clock cannot be fixed. They know the Masquerade will end at some point but are determined to rediscover all of their Favorite Things. From Snowflakes to Snowmen the night seemingly never ends. Take Five and bring your whole family out to see the Island Inspiration All-Stars. It's just good, clean, family fun entertainment!

November 29 - December 1, 2018

7:30 PM

Orcas Center, Main Stage

The mission of the Island Inspiration All-Stars is to promote multicultural awareness and interaction within the island communities through diversified performances and weekly dance classes accessible to the public.

December Dance Schedule

Drop-ins welcome ($10 donation per class)

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Photos by Bruce Halabisky