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The Island Inspiration All-Stars is a collective of inspired Artisans and dancers Ranging in age from fifteen to fifty-nine years old Who come together from various walks of life. With African dance as our base, bipedal movement is re-explored and cross-pollinated with Eurocentric dance forms in addition to those of the Americas with the concept that "We move as one people."

Upcoming Events

The Roasted Nut Too!


Orcas Center Presents on Center Stage

Thursday, Friday, Saturday: November 21st-23rd at 7pm
Saturday: November 23rd at 2pm
Tiered Ticket Pricing: $15, $25, $47 plus a $2 service fee

A Wild Evening of Dance with the Island Inspiration All-Stars!

“The Roasted Nut Too” is the second iteration of a majestic musical odyssey which takes place in the Clockwork Castle Doll House. The Handman is up to his old tricks so the Masquerade begins when a stranger attempts to reset the old clock. The dolls spring to life in a joyous Holiday spirited celebration amongst the castle inhabitants. It’s a family friendly party that hardly ends! The All-Stars cast choreographed and directed by Anthony The Dancer will be joined by the Shooting Stars led by Tiffany Loney. Also joining in the fun are Aerial Acrobats Sadie Rose and Shawn Y. of Vashon Island.

Set Design by Dane Steck
Sound Editing by Jake Perine

November 21 - 23, 2019

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The mission of the Island Inspiration All-Stars is to promote multicultural awareness and interaction within the island communities through diversified performances, educational outreach and weekly dance classes accessible to the public.

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